Outreach Examples


Examples of Advancement and Outreach Activities
at Local Meetings of Baltimore Yearly Meeting

Outreach Tools Used by Local Meetings

    Extracts from the Interchange, the newsletter of Baltimore Yearly Meeting

    The BYM Advancement & Outreach Committee is responsible for providing tools and resources to local Meetings looking for outreach ideas, for help in starting new meetings and for ways to help new Friends learn about the Religious Society of Friends.

    Outreach is a natural result of “Our belief in the universality of the Inner Light [which] requires us to ‘walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in everyone’ as George Fox urged. No human being is excluded from our sense of community, for we are led by our faith to view human beings as children of God rather than as stereotypes of cultures, nations, or ideologies. It is individual people with whom fellowship must be established, and each Friend must seek in the quiet worship the personal strength to work at the establishment of community.” (BYM Faith and Practice)

    “Outreach is the natural result of the second great commandment that we love our neighbors as ourselves. It grows out of the spiritual attitude of caring and can take many forms, limited only by our imagination.” (BYM Faith and Practice)

    This website is an attempt to provide information on outreach activities that individual Meetings have undertaken as these are reported in past copies of Interchange. These activities are listed under several categories to facilitate your search. The categories reflect the view that outreach includes making our Meeting communities more outwardly visible, welcoming newcomers, strengthening the Meeting community, sharing our faith both inwardly and outwardly, giving witness and service to our beliefs, and reaching outwards to the community.

    By clicking onto a category, you can access the chronological (most recent, first) listing of activities, each showing the Meeting which reported it and the issue of Interchange where it appears. By clicking onto the activity itself, you can access the actual description of the activity.