Interchange – Summer 2008 – Williamsburg


Williamsburg Friends Meeting hosted approximately 60 people for BYM’s Interim Meeting on March 29th. Because we are a small meeting and quite far away from the central office, we were grateful for the presence of these visiting Friends and glad to feel embedded in the larger Quaker community. We enjoyed planning the meals and some of us felt that we’d come away from the weekend with not only a deeper understanding of Quaker process but also the possibility of some new friends.

In February we held an all day retreat on spirituality and creativity, which was enjoyed by all. Our ongoing food and clothing drives provide us with links to the greater Williamsburg community.

We continue to nurture and support our clerk who is gravely ill, and yet another Williamsburg Friend has a parent who is close to death. In spite of these losses, we feel Spirit working among us and are thankful for our small and close-knit community.

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