Interchange – Summer 2008 – Deer Creek


Our adult first day school gatherings were enriched this winter and early spring by a variety of visitors and discussions. In January Sam Trueblood came from his home in Pennsylvania to give his annual and always anticipated series of Bible studies for four Sundays, this time centering on the parables. In February participants in the Walk for a New Spring, a 40-day peace walk from Massachusetts to Washington, spent the night at the Deer Creek Meeting and one of the participants, Buddhist Sister Clare, stayed over on Sunday speak at our first day school. On intermittent Sundays we had a study series by way of DVDs from The Teaching Company on “Jesus and the Gospels” taught by Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson of Emory University. On Easter Sunday an lntergenerational program led by Sarah Buchanan-Wollaston was especially effective.

In connection with the recent fifth anniversary of the Iraq war, the Peace Committee led a discussion on March 30 based on the message that continues to be distributed by Quakers, “War is Not the Answer,” using some of the excellent and informative material researched and prepared by the Friends Committee on National Legislation. The Deer Creek Peace Committee has been especially active this year, meeting monthly for pot luck suppers in members’ homes, participating in local peace vigils and communicating with their district congressman.

Through the initiative of one of the committee’s members, Jill Sostrin, a group of Friends and friends of Friends joined together on Thursday evenings from January through March for eight sessions of a discussion course on Voluntary Simplicity with material from the Northwest Earth Institute. The group plans to continue meeting this spring and early summer, beginning in April with a discussion of the book, Animal, Vegetable and Miracle, in which Barbara Kingsolver and her husband, environmental scientist Steven Hopp describe their year of eating only home grown or locally grown food and promoting diversified farming.

Ladies Luncheons once a month are an occasion to explore local restaurants, get to know each other better, and especially to enjoy being with Margaret Pickard, a much loved member who is now in a nearby nursing home and is always included. A revival of 3 Friendly $’s, was begun on March 29 and was another highly successful opportunity for old and new members to know each other.

The children’s Sunday school collected 71 food items in February for the Mason-Dixon Food Pantry. Teenagers selected a rug and bean bag chairs for their “special place” for Sunday School and hosted the annual Easter Egg hunt for the younger children.

The Meeting gave a special social hour and send off in January for Betsy Wollaston, a long-time and active member also well known as a regular participant in Yearly Meetings. Betsy is now living in Sandy Spring. She will be missed for her dedication and vocal ministry over many years.

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