Interchange – Summer 2008 – Annapolis


Annapolis Friends continue to meet regularly to develop a peace and justice center. A group met with the local Boys and Girls Club and we hope to bring the Help Increase the Peace Program to them next summer with the help of a Young Friend who has been trained as a leader. We are exploring sister city relationships between Annapolis and both Ramallah (West Bank, Palestine), and Teverya (on the Israeli coast). We are learning about water rights issues, which are a major issue between Israel and Palestine, and we are exploring bringing Palestinian and Israeli youth to Annapolis this summer.

Our Young Friend Martin Krafft traveled to Paraguay last year as part of Amigos dc las Americas program, He has made a number of slide presentations to Friends about his experiences and hopes to travel to either Panama or Mexico in the future.

We held a contra and square dance with live music and caller in March to benefit construction of a new facility for a local homeless shelter.

We hosted Chesapeake Quarterly Meeting on Sunday, March 9. Several Friends talked about how we have gotten our Peace and Justice Center started. Friend Will Candler reviewed his new book, Global Warming, The Answer, and Ted Weber discussed Maryland state initiatives and action options on environmental concerns.

Adult education sessions have examined Quaker history, what we believe and our way of worship, the testimonies, and Quaker organizations.

We set aside every fifth First Day before worship for an informal gathering around the concern of membership, aimed especially at people who might be considering membership. With many members excited about the upcoming presidential elections, we have been reviewing the law with regard to ministers (all of us) touching on political issues at Meeting and its implication for our tax-exempt status.

This year, Outreach Committee is sponsoring two Visitors’ Sundays. These are opportunities to invite family and friends to learn about Quakers prior to attending a meeting for worship.

Outreach has begun a “Friendly Connections” program, matching newcomers with more seasoned Friends who can guide them through the maze of acronyms, committees, and Quaker ways.

On Easter, we held a Sunrise service at 7:00 a.m. followed by a walking meditation on our property and breakfast.

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