Interchange – Spring 2008 – Stony Run


The Meeting continues to hold a series of adult forums on First Days prior to Meeting for Worship. Topics this year are focusing on Quakerism and spirituality; in January and February, our member Don Gann has led a series of discussions about George Fox’s life and journal. The Meeting is also educating itself about the recognition of spiritual leadings, and the need for Friends to support such leadings.

A well-attended Meeting Retreat was held on Jan. 26 at Friends School of Baltimore, during which the Meeting’s long and colorful history was reviewed, issues relating to staffing were discussed, and the Meeting’s ad-hoc Moving Forward Committee made a presentation. The event, which included ample time for silent worship and sharing, was at once refreshing and informative.

We are looking forward to the annual breakfast for attenders on February 24, during which our newest members will share their spiritual journeys and discuss their decision to become members of the Society of Friends.

Simple lunch following the 11 a.m. Meeting for Worship, often with homemade soups to feed our bodies and souls, is a weekly opportunity for the community to get to know each other better. Our First Day School is bounding along with the energy only children can bring to it. We are delighted that nearly every First Day brings newcomers to Meeting for Worship.

The Meeting continues to be a source of strength and direction for Meeting members involved in a broad spectrum of concerns and interests. As we engage in looking to the future and reviewing the past, we are also striving to express more sensitivity and love to one another.

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