Interchange – Spring 2008 – Goose Creek


During the past year two beloved Friends have died, leaving a younger generation to wonder whether we will ever know how to lead others in the Light as gracefully and generously as they and their peers did. We miss them, as friends and as guiding presences within Meeting, and we also miss two very active members who moved to Kentucky last summer.

We have been heartened by the celebration during the last twelve months of four marriages under care of the Meeting, and by the addition to our rolls of no fewer than twelve new members. We have rejoiced at a new generation of children within Meeting, whose energy and enthusiasm fill us with delight.

We are grateful to our treasurer, Tim Brown, and to our Finance Committee for the especially hard work they are presently undertaking. We have decided that we should look more closely at our allocation of funds, both our own expenditures within Meeting and our donations to other organizations. We are beginning to work within a firmer budget, worked out in more detail. The hours we have spent discussing finances in Meetings for Worship for Business are as nothing beside the hours that Tim and our Finance Committee members have spent preparing numbers and clarifying procedures for the rest of us.

Our living history project at Oakdale School has grown and flourished. Many Loudoun County school groups come, spring and fall, to immerse themselves in a Quaker school day circa 1819. Each child assumes the identity of an actual student who studied at Oakdale at that time. Goose Creek Friends along with friends from the Lincoln community work together preparing for classes, teaching students, and sewing appropriate dress.

Michael Snyder has stepped down after four years as Clerk of Meeting, and Sheila Kryston is our new Clerk. Our thanks to both of them.

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