Interchange – 2008 – Peace Call – Maury River


Our Peace & Justice Committee organized a “Community Gathering at the Crossroads” in the fall. A desire for education on the historical circumstances behind the war in Iraq emerged from that gathering, and a roundtable discussion of “Experiences of Islam” was convened in early January of this year. Members of the Washington & Lee University community and others members from the Muslim community in Harrisonburg spoke about their personal experiences of Islam. The event lasted for more than two hours. The discussion was rewarding and speakers from many sectors of the community spoke eloquently and asked telling questions.

Once again, Rockbridge County High School has included a full-page form for parents to “opt out” of giving their student’s contact information to military recruiters.

Young Friends cooked a Simple Meal at Thanksgiving to remind friends of the meager meals of many of the world’s population. They raised over $800 from the event which they donated to the Heifer Project.

Since returning from the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) delegation to Columbia in October 2007, MR Friend Morris Trimmer has shared his experiences with Meeting and interested groups in the wider community. Prior to participation in the CPT delegation, a Clearness Committee had found Morris clear in his leading to work for peace within this organization, and a Support Committee was formed to assist him. In evaluating the experience, Morris finds that he continues to feel a leading to do peacemaking in direct and loving ways. CPT’s focus on “creating space for positive things to happen” rather than working for specific results is compatible with his leading. His current challenge is to be faithful to and patient with his urgent leading while incorporating peacemaking into his life. Maury River Friends are grateful for the opportunity to share in this important work.

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