Interchange – 2008 – Peace Call – Langley Hill


Langley Hill Friends have listened with care to the message from the Yearly Meeting Peace and Social Concerns Committee. A special Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Peace was held in October. It was an extension of our regular Meeting for Worship on First Day, and was filled with heartfelt messages, and challenges about peace and peacemakers.

Langley Hill also continues to participate in the weekly silent vigil for peace on the West Lawn of the US Capitol. This vigil, started by Langley Hill members, has met weekly for over five years, since October, 2002, six months before the Iraq war began. It continues to elicit many comments and questions from passing visitors to the Capitol Building, especially those from overseas.

The Peace and International Outreach Committee at Langley Hill also has continued our monthly Vigil against Torture, at the main entrance to the CIA, on every third First Day. We stand with a banner that says “Torture is Wrong” on one side, and “Torture Violates God’s Will,” on the other. We see this as a Friendly act toward our neighbors, since our Meeting House is located just behind the CIA in Northern Virginia.

In addition, our Meeting has recently begun discussions with a local Church of the Brethren on a Peacemaker award, to be given during end of year honors at local high schools. We see this as part of expanding our dialogue with other Faith groups in our area.

We also spend time after rise of Meeting once a month writing letters in a manner suggested by FCNL to our elected representatives and Senators on ending war and promoting peace

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