Interchange – Fall 2007 – Hopewell Centre


Hopewell Centre Meeting has seen a flurry of community- building activities take place over the last few months. Friendly 8s gatherings, now on-going, have done much to foster personal and spiritual relationships among members and attenders. Our new Seekers’ Group, which began as a newcomers’ study group, is attended bimonthly by all who wish to explore basic Quaker beliefs and practices and develop a sense of what we believe, individually and corporately. Some of us come to “Art Journeys” night each month to share in spirit-led art making, to gain support for our creative gifts, and to relax and have fun. As our sense of community grows, we’ve begun to reach out anew to the community around us. Reinforced with new members, Our Advancement & Outreach Committee is intent on reactivating our website; on finding new ways to make our Quaker presence known outside of Meeting and to welcome and keep new members.

Many of us, our youth included, returned from BYM Annual Meeting renewed in spirit and full of newfound knowledge. Linda Wilk, who led her “Building a Covenant Community” workshop at Annual Meeting, will be on the Committee for Restorative Justice this year, and will also serve as an alternate representative to FUM.

In September we reached out to the March4Peace Group, as they passed through Clear Brook on a walk from San Francisco to Washington, DC to protest the war. We offered them food, rest and transportation in a two-night stopover at our Youth House — the same place where Tom Fox sojourned – during which time we exchanged information and gifts, talks of peace, hugs and good will.

We wish to congratulate Pam and Jim Smith on the opening of their new “green” store, Good Natured, in Martinsburg, WV.

In closing, we welcome Pam and Mike Hambach, our newest members, to whom the saying truly applies: they “had been [a] Friend[s] without knowing it.”

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